How our trip to Disney with 6 kids wasn’t a disaster

Part 2


So one thing I love about Disney is the amazing customer service! I was able to book our all star music value resort directly through Disney. There are travel agencies that can get basically the same pricing and sometimes offer incentives as well…like small world vacations and the Mouse for less/the magic for less. Definitely worth checking out your options to get the best deal. Disney was offering a play stay and dine package at the time so it was a good discount so I just went through them but I’m pretty sure the others offer similar if not the same packages. It’s great because if a better deal comes up before your time of travel Disney will change your reservation and apply the better discount, even if it’s months after you booked the reservation. You’ll get email notifications from Disney of all current discounts and offers as they become available. A couple of things I didn’t realize are the rooms come with a complimentary pack and play for sleeping a child under 3. So we were able to get one for each room. That’s a lot of extra room in the suburban for packing everything else needed. All rooms also have a mini fridge. One thing I packed and didn’t realize they provide is life vests for the pool. Yes, even that Disney has covered! They have complimentary life vest in various sizes and colors and in a couple of different styles! More room in the suburban! We packed lots and lots of drinks! Gatorade, soda, juice pouches and lots of bottled water and I’m glad we did because every night we would fill the refrigerator full of them and the next morning we’d pack our soft sided strap style mini cooler full and the days we weren’t at the resort and able to use our refillable mugs, the cooler full of drinks kept us hydrated without costing us a snack credit or 3.50 per drink! When you’re walking at a brisk pace pushing giant double strollers full of 20-40 pound kids through a crowded park for 12-14 hours anything over 80 is hot. So drinks are definitely worth packing.We ordered our magic bands online through Disney. I customized them online as well. It’s free to do that on the my Disney experience website. So we all picked a color (they have lots to choose from) and they even will let you have your first name printed on the inside of the band. Those came in the mail just two weeks before our trip. That was so exciting!!! We opened the boxes and saw the Disney castle picture printed on the inside of the box. There they were ,four in each box, lined up neatly, each one bearing a family members name. Yes this was really happening, no turning back now. We are actually going!! I had bought magic band sliders on eBay and stuck a couple in each kids stocking at christmas (although I confiscated them after the gifting was over for fear the kids would lose them…been there,done that). Now, I know magic band sliders seem silly, an unnecessary waste of money but boy was I glad I got those things and I’ll tell you that story later. Anyways the magic bands. Yes the coveted magic bands arrived to the gitty squeals and shrieks of excitement from the younger 4 children… the baby and the 14 year old were excited I guarantee it, but they tried to maintain their composure. The boxes also contained luggage tags. Yep cute little, nice quality, disney character wielding luggage tags! For free! Our trip was right around the corner and so was feeling that cool, cave-like pirate air!!