Day two at Disney world

It was day two. We slept in and had all kinds of plans for the day… swimming, putt putt, disney springs for lunch and meeting an actual Disney sketch artist, and then fort wilderness for dinner and the campfire sing along and movie! But Disney time is different. You don’t factor in crowds and walking and waiting on buses and riding on buses…buses that make other stops. 

Anyways we decided to start the day with a late breakfast and then use our free vouchers that came with the Magic your way package to play a round of Disney putt-putt. We boarded the bus to blizzard beach to go to the winter summerland golf course. 

They have a summer course and a winter course. We did the winter course because I’m a sucker for Christmas music! The course had all kinds of neat effects on it. I will say though that it was a pretty hard course overall. After the fourth hole of counting past 6 trying to keep scores for littles I decided to stop keeping score and by the 7th or 8th hole we had thrown out rules altogether as we swept the ball into the hole or decided to do a ‘restart’ if the ball veered in a direction we weren’t too keen on. But it was still fun and the kids had a good time (despite the look on their faces in this picture).It takes a lot longer than expected to get 10 people through 18 holes of mini golf especially when four of those people are littles, ages 2-8. And we had the unfortunate experience of having a couple who were trying to see how fast they could get their two kids to speed putt through the entire course right behind us. We finally moved aside and let the kids putt through and get in front of us (which took all of about 16 seconds, wish we had done that five holes sooner!). With the lack of speed through the course and our reliance on Disney bus transportation we were running late for our meet and greet with the Disney sketch artist. You never factor in the Disney transportation time. The buses are great, don’t get me wrong but they’re also not just for you and so they actually make other stops and so it’s never a straight shot to your destination. We were supposed to be at Disney springs at 2 to meet Fidel. It was 1:40 and we were still makings stops. So I emailed Fidel and told him we were on the way and as soon as we finally made it to Disney springs I hopped off the bus with Aiden and Gabe and made a B-line to the art of Disney shop leaving everybody else in the dust..couldn’t have the double strollers slowing us down. We made it just 8 minutes late. I’ll tell all about the amazing meet and greet Aiden had with Fidel, the Disney sketch artist later.Disney artists are just so cool. 

On a side note: One thing I’d do different in the future is have more days just staying at the resort without going into the parks. There is sooo much to do and most of it is free or very little money. And to littles like mine they’re still so excited to just be at Disney. Whether it’s a theme park or just the resort pool they’re still experiencing some kind of ‘disney magic’. We missed out on a lot of the ‘free things’ I had planned because we just ran out of time. One day wasn’t near enough for non-theme park Disney time.


Author: Heather Snyder

I'm a stay at home mom of six kids (ages: under 1,2,4,7,8,and 14). I love helping out with the local children's theater. I live on coffee (and when I say coffee I mean milk and sugar with a shot of espresso). I love writing. I grew up in Jacksonville,Florida but I now reside with my husband of 10 years in Greer, SC just outside of Greenville. I miss Florida and miss seeing the ocean. I am a huge fan of Disney! Some of my fondest memories of growing up are days spent at the Magic Kingdom with my family and so I decided to share that love of all things Disney and add a pinch of my knowledge of what's it's like to have a big family on vacation and a dash of living on a one-income budget and write it all out to help as you plan your own magical Disney vacation for you and your big family.

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