Packing for eight for a six day trip!

It’s one week before the big trip. I’m getting exciting emails from Walt Disney world reminding me of how close it’s getting on an almost daily basis. In the mail we get our welcome packet full of coupons,discounts and 8 vouchers for free putt-putt at the Walt Disney world putt-putt course located right by Blizzard beach. There were also 8 vouchers for free admission into the espn wide world of sports which we didn’t even have time to use. I started packing a week in advance because I have six kids and only one who is capable for successfully packing for themself so I like to start with plenty of days to get the job done so I have time to wash that favorite shirt and so I can go back through the suitcases a few times to make sure I’m not missing something. One thing I learned this time around..don’t overpack! It just makes for lots more work when you get home. You come home with 6 days worth of laundry for 8 people and on top of that whatever clothes there are that weren’t worn on the trip now have to be put away. More work. Unless you have a baby or toddler who has accidents one outfit a day is all you’re at Disney, unless you’ve made a special dinner reservation somewhere you won’t have time or a reason to change. And bathing suits! What was I thinking?! Like the kids would need four swimsuits for five days. We used one or two per kid. The kids always have a favorite swimsuit and they just end up hanging it on the door when they’re done and then wearing that same one over and over. So that’s my thoughts on packing…keep it simple and make things easy for yourself when you get home because yes, you do have to come home. 


Author: Heather Snyder

I'm a stay at home mom of six kids (ages: under 1,2,4,7,8,and 14). I love helping out with the local children's theater. I live on coffee (and when I say coffee I mean milk and sugar with a shot of espresso). I love writing. I grew up in Jacksonville,Florida but I now reside with my husband of 10 years in Greer, SC just outside of Greenville. I miss Florida and miss seeing the ocean. I am a huge fan of Disney! Some of my fondest memories of growing up are days spent at the Magic Kingdom with my family and so I decided to share that love of all things Disney and add a pinch of my knowledge of what's it's like to have a big family on vacation and a dash of living on a one-income budget and write it all out to help as you plan your own magical Disney vacation for you and your big family.

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